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Professional Guidance For Trust and Estate Mediation

Resolving estate and trust disputes doesn’t always have to be decided by public servant (a judge) who does not know you or your family in a public forum (a courtroom). This is a fact attorney Daniel I. Spector knows well. He is a well-recognized professional and experienced neutral mediator dedicated to helping individuals and entities in California craft own solutions and settlements to their very personal disputes.

As a neutral mediator, Mr. Spector facilitates the resolution of trust, estate, financial elder abuse and contested conservatorship disputes.  He makes no decisions and renders no decisions.  Instead, he works to empower the parties and their counsel themselves to possess sufficient understanding of each other’s perspectives and needs so that they may construct an outcome that is quicker, less expensive and far more tailored than the outcome the parties may receive at trial.  Through this process, the parties respective expense and stress from the fight is reduced faster and more substantially than if the case proceeded to trial.

A Guide Focused On Saving You Time, Money And Frustration

Mediation is valuable to saving time, money and frustrations as well as reducing risk of losing at trial. Because mediation encourages open communication and joint problem solving among contributing parties, parties often arrive at innovative, non-traditional solutions that a court would lack authority to impose. Additionally, mediation proceedings protect sensitive financial matters and keep them confidential, which frequently occurs in estate and trust disputes involving a family’s financial, real property, and debts or financial obligations.

As an approved mediator by the Sacramento Superior Court as well as his presence on the court’s list of Pro-Tem Settlement Conference Judges, Dan routinely mediates cases involving:

  • Trust and real estate disputes
  • Undue influence in the drafting of an estate plan
  • Tortious interference with inheritance rights
  • Determination of rightful heirs
  • Contested trust administration and conservatorship disputes

With a variety of mediation techniques at his disposal, Dan employs his strong interpersonal skills, technical skills and experience handling a wide variety of litigated estate and trust disputes as well as his deep understanding of California estate planning, administration and probate laws to explain the law and how it applies to the situation. This depth of knowledge allows Dan to expertly help parties find common ground and helps him facilitate resolutions in complex matters.

Working With A Professional Neutral Company To Benefit You

Dan is honored to have been named as a statewide neutral panelist for Judicate West, a professional neutral company with offices throughout California. Working through his case manager Cathy Bustamante, Dan is able to maintain a neutral status while he mediates disputes toward a favorable resolution.

A Trustworthy, Thoughtful And Pragmatic Mediator

To reserve Dan as your neutral mediator in your estate and trust dispute, Call Cathy Bustamante at Judicate West to discuss your case. In-person and virtual consultations are available.