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Cases And Claims We Handle

The lawyers at the Law Office of Daniel I. Spector have provided legal counsel for decades to clients across California. We advocate for the rights of family members, business partners and associates, among other parties, after the passing of an individual.

Disputes may arise due to disagreement, ambiguity or misunderstanding by one of the parties with matters related to distributions or allocations from a trust, estate or related matter. Based on our evaluation of a case, we determine whether you have a case to challenge an estate and outline your options.

Our Litigation And Mediation Services

As attorneys, we can represent parties on either side of a claim. From heirs to challenged trustees or executors, we focus on listening to our client’s needs to develop efficient and pragmatic legal solutions to complex and personal disputes.

At the Law Office of Daniel I. Spector, we have extensive experience in cases that often include family and business matters. Some of the disputes and cases we handle encompass the following:

  • Cases of financial elder abuse and undue influence
  • Interference with rights to inherit among family members
  • Menaces, threats or duress against interested parties, administrators, representatives, trustees, heirs, beneficiaries and other relevant parties
  • Conversion claims, which refer to the theft of personal property
  • Quiet theft procedures intended to clarify the rightful ownership of a property
  • Entitlement, which refers to the procedure to determine heirship
  • A breach of contract, where a partner or business stakeholder might take possession of a property by breaking the terms and conditions previously agreed upon
  • A breach of promise involving a promise to marry someone
  • Detrimental reliance, which may also result from a breach of contract after an individual trusted or relied on a promise

We understand that a dispute may be solved through litigation services or with the help and advice of a neutral mediator. Our attorneys are equipped to address either path to resolve and settle a dispute.

In terms of mediation services, Daniel I. Spector is included on the Pro-Tem Settlement Conference Judges list of the Sacramento Superior Court. He is skilled at guiding individuals through the resolution of complex legal issues by mediation.

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