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Addressing Complex Legal Needs Through Experienced Litigation And Mediation Services

The Law Office of Daniel I. Spector is integrated by attorneys representing individuals and entities engaged in battles over assets, usually following someone’s death. From an attorney’s or mediator’s perspective, our goal is to find a solution to our clients’ legal needs according to their unique circumstances and expectations.

In consultation with us, we will listen to your legal needs, facts and circumstances to develop efficient and practical solutions to address your concerns. After a detail-oriented and careful evaluation, we will determine customized alternatives to handle your situation.

We listen and advocate for the best interests of both sides of estate and trust litigation cases. We represent administrators, representatives or trustees who want to protect their reputation after their positions are challenged, among other legal needs.

In contrast, we protect the rights of family members or interested parties, heirs and beneficiaries who wish to protect their rights. Whichever is the case, we are committed to providing trustworthy, aggressive and efficient legal representation to our clients.

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Experienced Litigation Services

For many years, our attorneys have assisted clients in the interpretation of estate planning documents. We have also developed complex legal strategies to recover assets allegedly wrongly taken and challenged decisions made that might be detrimental to certain parties involved. We understand the difficulty, complications and high emotions of these disputes. Therefore, our goal is to consistently and successfully navigate these challenging cases to achieve our clients’ objectives.

Mediation And Arbitration Services

The attorneys at the Law Office of Daniel I. Spector have also been recognized as effective mediators and arbitrators of trust and estate disputes. Daniel I. Spector is a well-recognized mediator of trust, estate, financial elder abuse and contested conservatorship disputes.

Dan has also successfully assisted families to navigate through potentially difficult dynamics and disputes to avoid later legal conflicts. With a variety of mediation techniques at his disposal, Dan employs his strong interpersonal skills with a deep knowledge of very technical areas of the law in order to facilitate resolutions in complex matters. Dan is honored to have been named as a statewide panelist for Judicate West, a professional neutral company, based in Santa Ana, California.

To reserve Dan as a neutral, please contact his case manager, Cathy Bustamante, click here.

Call Our Reliable And Experienced Attorneys To Discuss Your Case

We are aggressive litigators and experienced mediators. Call 916-504-2400 or use our online contact form today to schedule an in-person appointment at our Sacramento office. We can also meet virtually to discuss your legal concerns.