Litigation: The Law Office of Daniel I. Spector is composed of attorneys who represent people and entities engaged in battles over assets usually following someone's death. We represent heirs, beneficiaries, interested parties, administrators, representatives, trustees, executors and private fiduciaries in a variety of such disputes including complex trust and will contests, claims of undue influence, elder abuse, fraud, and breach of fiduciary obligations.


We also handle complex actions involving the interpretation of trusts, wills and other estate planning documents, claims seeking the appointment and removal of administrators, custodians, conservators, executors, representative and trustees, and actions to recover assets allegedly wrongly taken, and/or decisions which are not in the best interests of the people for whom the decisions are made. We understand the difficulty, complications and high emotions of these disputes, because the legal professionals in the Law Office of Daniel I. Spector effectively handle these circumstances every day; and we are prepared to deal with them and win. We consistently and successfully navigate through these challenging cases to achieve our clients' goals.


Our team delivers positive results through aggressive, effective representation. In addition, through our work as advocates, we have also been recognized as effective mediators and arbitrators of trust and estate disputes.


Mediation: Daniel I. Spector is a well-recognized professional mediator and neutral of trust, estate, financial elder abuse and contested conservatorship disputes.  He also successfully assists families to navigate through potentially difficult dynamics and disputes in order to avoid later legal conflicts.  With a variety of mediation techniques at his disposal, Dan employs his strong interpersonal skills with a deep knowledge of very technical areas of the law in order to facilitate resolutions in complex matters.  Dan is honored to have been named as a statewide panelist for Judicate West, a professional neutral company, based in Santa Ana, California.  To reserve Dan as a neutral, please contact his case manager, Cathy Bustamante, at cbustamante@judicatewest.com.



A commitment to service: The Law Office of Daniel I. Spector provides clients with the highest quality of legal services, performed by experienced practitioners who consistently deliver winning results.